The 365 Days Of Happiness Self-Study Program
A supplementation to the book 365 Days of Happiness
Want to BE and live happy, healthy, abundantly & successfully but don't know where to begin?

This 365 Days of Happiness Self-Study program supplements the bestselling book 365 Days of Happiness. 
Together they are a proven yearlong step-by-step approach to learn how to BE and live your happiness. 
No matter your circumstances.

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To add additional value and teachings to my best-selling book 365 Days of Happiness!
Do you have fun with your own life? How often do you really pay attention and choose things to improve your day? 

In The 365 Days of Happiness Self-Studying Program, Jacqueline, the author of the best-selling book 365 Days of Happiness has created videos and worksheets that support the teachings in her book to help you mindfully work towards living a more vivid experience of daily happiness. 
The best-selling book 365 Days of Happiness 
got started by Jacqueline deciding to spend every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she does to honor her joy, and used these writings to create her best-selling book so she can teach you how to shift to BE and live in a “high for life” frequency of happiness too—no matter where you are at in your life right now.
The 365 Days of Happiness Self-Study Program got started because Jacqueline wanted to add value and information to her book. The program has 7 video lessons explaining the deep and informative teachings of 365 Days of Happiness, and through worksheets you get plenty of practice to BE and live your happiness. All while reading a passage a day in her book 365 Days of Happiness.

You will learn to find happiness, use those sour lemons, and shift yourself into a “high for life” frequency where you can reach happiness anywhere at any time.
Jacqueline Pirtle a.k.a FreakyHealer has been leading life-changing workshops, talks, and private sessions since 2006. Her passion for “sprinkling happiness” and being “high for life” shines through in all of her work as an energy healer, mindfulness & happiness coach, and best-selling author. She was born in Switzerland, but has lived everywhere. She now makes her home in the United States with her wonderful husband, amazing kids, and sweet cats, and can often be found having a little chat with a falling leaf, or indulging in a cupcake at her favorite bakery.
Hi, I am really glad to meet you!

I help you redefine what mindful happiness is for you and teach you how to BE and live it--no matter your circumstances.

The result: You will align with the “high for life” frequency of your health, abundance, success, and joy, because that is what being happy will do for you.

I have been practicing my abilities as a holistic practitioner for myself all my life and started coaching clients in 2006. 

My professional background is in health and wellness, natural living, nutrition, skin care,  homeopathy, herbs, holistic and western medicine, kinesiology, and energy medicine. I hold international wellness degrees and I am internationally certified as a Reiki Master.

It is my passion to continuously study everything in the field of happiness, mindfulness, energy healing and quantum physics, and use that wisdom to help you live a phenomenal life.

It is my mission to open your heart, tickle the happiness you already ARE and infuse you with the joy of everything that IS already happening FOR you!

With the highest gratitude & the happiest wishes,

What makes Jacqueline and her Program unique?
“What makes Jacqueline special and unique? It is her unique, special gift to help you heal yourself. From the minute you meet her, it is her undeniable force to lead you through the path of healing…
From the time that I know her, she helped me through back pains, headaches and rough patches at work. She helped me to understand and love my inner child unconditionally! I am not the same person I was before I met Jacqueline!
Recently, when my 14-year old daughter was suffering from devastating migraines, that took her so low, she did not leave the house for a week and was in bed, there was Jacqueline, arriving at our door step… She came and worked her magic! It took just a couple of sessions, and my girl is back to her bright and bubbly self.
Jacqueline’s empathy, approachability and true understanding of what her clients are feeling is what makes her special. Her wonderful ability is to pin-point how your illness is connected to your emotional aspects. As long as you are open to this journey, just grab her hand and be ready to fly!!!” 

Working with Jacqueline has transformed my life
“Working with Jacqueline has transformed my life. My mental and physical health is stronger than it’s ever been. I have new tools to guide me through my good days and my bad days. There is a change in my entire family as a result of working with her.
Jacqueline is a healer and a guide. She can help you find your inner light and show you how to shine it brightly. She guides with compassion, love and lots of reprogramming of those “old recordings” we constantly play over in our minds.
You will find amazing healing when you live from your center, for you and the world around you.
Give yourself a chance to find yourself and learn that peace and happiness are for you too.
Thank you Jacqueline! You are a gift to the world and I’m grateful to you for sharing your wisdom with me. I am forever changed for the better.” 

Achieve a lifetime of happiness
“Jacqueline is a wonderful lady who uses her natural ability to heal energetically to help others. What I love most about her is that she gives you the tools that you need to help yourself.
I have had the pleasure of benefiting from Jacqueline’s gift.
Jacqueline helped me understand that I was holding on to childhood neglect. From our talk I learned that my mother did the best that she could. This set me free. 
Jacqueline helped me to focus on myself in order to help a loved one with depression, that was the best advice and help anyone could have given me.  
She is truly magical. 
I am now practicing 365 Days of Happiness and it is changing my life. Just a few minutes each and you will learn how to achieve a lifetime of happiness.” 

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