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365 Days of happiness
Because happiness is a piece of cake!
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''Pirtle sifts through the practical and the impractical to gather together only the most manageable techniques for channeling happiness.'' - Red City Review
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Turn the page and experience your Happiness! A must read!!!
The gentle color of the book cover made me fall in love before opening. The invitation to dive right in and savor the content just like to cupcake on the was good enough for me. I loved the fact that when the book arrived it had it's own book mark to help me keep my place while reading. Jacqueline truly knows how to paint the picture of taking you to your happy place. In some scenarios within the book, it feels as though she is right there with you to help talk it out. I was not able to put the book down because I could resonate with any given day by day actionable tips. It's an easy read and I highly recommend you purchase this book if you want to truly experience what being happy is all about.
It is like a box of joy that you can open every day!
Amazon User
This book is magical!! It is like a box of joy that you can open every day! I work at a busy hospital, which can get very stressful. I keep this book in my desk at work, and around midday, when I need an extra boost of happiness to keep me going, I open it up to a random place and read a page. In under a minute, I feel like I have opened a window and let in a burst of sunlight into my day! The author's joyful personality, her zest for life and and sense of peace just fills this book. It is the best gift I have gotten for myself all year!!
This book will make you smile, and smile some more! Positive energy and helpful suggestions.
Kathy F.
I was sent a copy of 365 Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle to read and review, never having heard of either the person who sent it to me or the author. When I picked it up, it was late at night, I was tired and ready for bed. Still I was curious as to its contents.This book made me smile! As I read through many of the pages (I ended up staying awake much later than I had planned!), I found myself getting happier and happier! Jacqueline Pirtle is full of positive energy, which she enthusiastically shares with others.
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